Is "Product of New Zealand" good enough?

Why is “Product of New Zealand” not good enough?

All manuka honey must undergo testing to get an official UMF rating. What happens after an UMF rating is given? The honey is shipped. Does it go to you or to another country to be packaged for sales?

When Manuka honey is tested in New Zealand then shipped somewhere else to be packed, it may leave New Zealand shores in perfect condition, and arrive at their destination somewhat worse for wear. The honey will also be under another country’s labelling and packaging laws and most other countries allow for honey to blended. This could mean that your Manuka honey has other kinds of honey (maybe even New Zealand honey) as a filler– and therefore qualify as a product of New Zealand, but it will in the blending/ pasteurization process, lose some of the enzymes that gives Manuka honey the health benefits.

Puriti honey is harvested, tested AND packaged in New Zealand (not many other brands available in Singapore can claim that), which means that Puriti needs to uphold itself to the strict standards prescribed by the UMF association. It will leave New Zealand shores in perfect condition and arrive at your doorstep in that same condition. No other honey was mixed into the honey. You can rest assure it is PREMIUM PURE RAW Manuka Honey that you will be getting. 

Checking for where the Manuka honey is packaged and whether it is pure is the bare minimum check you can make to ensure that you get what you paid for.